For a home that has a lot of traffic going in and out, a stone or concrete walkway that is cracked or has chipped paint can be an eyesore and can become a tripping hazard if waters gets underneath and loosens the stones. While there are many homes that have brick pebbled or paved passageways, a lot of homes have a simpler walkway made from concrete.

Here at Home Mender we recently worked on the walkway to a house that was going up for sale. To improve curb appeal we knew that something had to be done to the concrete walkway leading up to the porch. The chipping paint would not do and we felt that the house way crying out for some tlc. So much time is put into improving the interior of a home but the outside needs just as much love. A paint coat to a concrete walkway may last for several months or a few years depending on how much scrubbing, sweeping and mopping is done. Just like everything else, maintenance is needed to make your walkways look good all the time.

Home Mender repair concrete walkway

Front walkway in need of a fresh look from Home Mender!


The concrete steps leading up to the porch had been painted years ago and needed a fresh look. Before any painting was done, the surface had to be washed and dried. Any cracks or holes in the concrete needed to be filled and a sealer needed to be applied. Then a concrete primer was applied followed by a floor paint. You could also use a concrete stain, whichever you prefer. In painting a concrete walkway the key is to not use paint that would be intended for the interior of a house. The result will be a surface that is very slippery and dangerous when wet. There are paints that are made specifically for surfaces like that of a concrete walkway.

The home now looks younger, fresher, and more welcoming than ever before!

Home Mender repair concrete walkway

Painted concrete walkway by Home Mender

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