Dustin Luby, “The Home Mender,” shows us how to install kitchen countertops in this months How-To video. Check it out on our How-To page! In this blog he explains in more detail how to measure for new countertops, complete with diagrams!

When measuring for new laminate countertops, you want to measure wall to wall of those countertops that butt against walls and let counters hang over 1/2” to an inch for those that do not. 

Countertop installation usually calls for a professional, but here at Home Mender we want to give you as many solutions for home repair and improvement as we can. Dustin Luby shows us how countertop installation can be done and gives us all the measurements you would need.

When measuring for sink holes or drop-in cooktop stoves, measure from the wall to the center of the sink or stove.  Your countertop supplier will have the exact measurements for whichever sink you choose whether single bowl, double bowl..etc. When free standing stoves are included in your lay out, the standard opening width should be 30” or 30 1/2” this leaves you a quarter inch of play on both sides.

If your counter butts to a wall at the end, it will require an end splash. If it does not and is open ended, the end must be finished with an end cap (see diagram). On a mitered counter (corner), all measurements of length should be taken from the same corner.

I find it is just as affordable and a better quality to have the counters built by a counter top distributor. The cost is comparable to one of the big box stores and gives a more desired result. Contact local counter top manufacturers in your area.


Example of a mitre counter top with sink hole cut out. All measurements taken from the mitered corner.


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