At Home Mender Inc., we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. This goes beyond doing the job right; we want people to feel safe and to find their house in a better condition than it was before we got to work.

In the search for a home improvement contractor there are a lot of things to consider. You don’t want to invite just anyone into your home, and you have every right to be picky. The key is to ask questions before you hire.

What are your personal expectations? And what sort of track record does the company have? If you really need a contractor to be prompt, make sure you tell them. If you are quality oriented, not necessarily time orientated, tell them that too. The more you communicate before the contract is signed, the more likely everyone will be happy in the end. It is always nice to be completely surprised by outstanding service, but on a realistic level there are minimal, general expectations that need to be withheld. These are expectations that do not go above and beyond, these are the general expectations anyone should have when hiring contractors for their home. At Home Mender, we always say that if you wouldn’t refer your contractor to your elderly parents or grandparents, then you should probably rethink who you are hiring. Your house is more than a structural building, it is your home and who you invite into that space needs to feel the same way.

Check references before hiring a contractor. If they have a website, look for reviews or comments left by customers. Try to find a Facebook page and go through their feed to see if they interact with their customers. If the company isn’t set up online don’t be afraid to call and ask for references that you can call yourself. Try to find some history and get a sense of their track record before you hire. Below you will find some good questions to ask previous customers.

1. Are they easily accessible?

You should be able to get a hold of the contractor you are hiring. If they don’t answer right away that shouldn’t be a concern, but if you have called and are waiting more than three days to hear back from them it should be a red flag.

2. Will they be able to answer questions?

Being interruptible and approachable is important in the home improvement industry. If your contractor seems annoyed by the questions you have don’t waste your time. It is your house, your money going towards the bill, and if you have questions about the details it is in the contractors best interest to answer. Along with that, the contractor should be keeping you up to date on the progress of the work.

3. Do they have good time management?

A small job that should only take three days should be done in three days, not three weeks. There are exceptions to this, sometimes complications arise that put contractors behind schedule, such is life, but your contractor should keep you updated on any progress or setbacks.

4. Do they dress to impress?

At Home Mender Inc., we provide our team with t-shirts for the summer and long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts for the winter, complete with the Home Mender logo placed on the front and the back. We want our customers to know exactly who is walking to their front door and working on their home.

5. Do they leave the work zone clean and free of debris?

Even if the contractor has done an exceptional job in a short amount of time, no one wants to deal with left over debris and liter around their home. There are numerous stories of sloppy jobs done by contractors and it is unacceptable. A contractor should not only be dealing with the debris left over from the job, but also keeping tabs on his hired men and the liter they might be accumulating from the day. As mentioned before, communicate your preferences. If you don’t want them to take their lunch breaks or cigarette breaks on the property be sure to let them know.


Getting started

Getting started

Keeping it clean during the job

Keeping it clean during the job


Clean up! End the job on a clean note

In all of this it is important to remember that even the best contractors aren’t perfect on every job. Before getting angry, ask questions and state your expectations. Communication is always key, and hiring a contractor isn’t an exception. With the right set of expectations and questions you will be able to form a happy agreement with the right contractor for you.

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