Fireplace improvements are a great way to update your living space. Getting rid of an old smoked brick colonial style mantled fireplace is just what the doctor ordered for modernizing your home. If that’s your style, big beautiful mantles can be nice as long as your woodworker knows what they are doing. But dont let your “once handy” grandpa do it in his spare time because chances are, he can’t see quite as well as he used to and he just might lose a finger!

If you don’t want Colonial Williamsburg in your living room, then a modern fireplace just might be for you.The new fireplace below started as a wood hearth. This look was great…for the 80’s, but it just didn’t cut it for todays stay-at-home mom. After tearing the old one out, we built a frame of 2×6’s, picture-framing the fireplace. After that, it was wrapped in drywall with corner bead, taped and finished. Adding a custom paint job really set this one off.

Let Home Mender Inc. custom design your fireplace

Custom designed fireplace by Home Mender Inc.


A modern fireplace adds style to a living room! Let Home Mender Inc. custom design your fireplace!

The fireplace above began as the “colonial willy” style. We pulled out that big 50 year old mantle and also pulled out the four brick high hearth that served better as a stage. We then ripped ceramic tile into strips to give it the new age brick look. The mantle and hearth were found at a bookstore that was going out of business and selling everything but the kitchen sink. Oh wait, they did sell us the kitchen sink! After the tile was set, hanging those steel boxes gave it the futuristic industrial modern look. Adding the steel shelving on either side stole the show. We included pictures from the rest of the living room to show how the fireplace really does add to the entire design of a room. With a few alterations, you can give your room a fresh, modern look!

Like I said, a fireplace can make the room or just be a catch all for things that you don’t want to take upstairs. A new fireplace from Home Mender will definitely make the room!

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