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Today we are talking about fixing fences. Apart from keeping out unwanted pests, such as the neighborhood kids and dogs, fences add a lot to your homes curb appeal. The majority of fences we install are 6ft. privacy fences. Many times this is the finishing touch that is needed to make a house feel like a home. The added privacy allows you to enjoy family time without prying neighbors. Plus, a high privacy fence takes away the worry of having kids play in the yard and allows your family dog added freedom to burn off all that energy usually used to chew carpet.

All good fences need help staying good. Three elements, depending on what style is wanted, can determine the longevity and quality of your fence. First, in order for the fence to be stabilized, the fence posts should be at least 2 ft. in the ground. Anything less is not deep enough and will compromise the structural value of the fence.

Second, a happy fence has a happy gate. This would be a gate that is not only appealing to the eyes but is sound in structure. The before and after pics show the difference between a poorly made gate and one that serves it’s function.

home improvement, fence repair, gate repair, home mender repairGate before Home Mender Inc. repair

fence repair, gate repair, home repair, home improvement, home mender gate repair, home mender fence repairGate after Home Mender repair

A gate should be easy to open without taking the surrounding area of lawn with it. No part of the gate should be flimsy, but it should be as solid as the surrounding fence, with well built hinges allowing it to open when needed.

The third to consider when building or repairing a fence is whether you want the wood treated or not. Depending on the desired style, the only difference between treated or non-treated is longevity. Treated wood will last twice as long as non-treated. While the cost in the moment might be higher, the price pays off in the long run.

Home Mender Inc. builds and repairs fences and gates throughout the Hampton Roads area. Contact us and let us put that finishing touch on your home!

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