Gutters are essential in protecting the foundation of your house against water damage. In order for gutters to do their job, they have to be cleaned and free of clogs, leaks, or sags.

Inspecting and regularly maintaining gutters can prevent bigger problems in the future. The most common problems, like cleaning, are easy for homeowners to do themselves. When it comes to more complicated issues, the pros need to be called. Home Mender is here to help with all of your gutter problems.

Falling leaves and steady rain are what gutters are in place for! They will protect the structural integrity of your home but left unchecked, gutters can become their own problem. The most common problem is a clogged gutter. Not only does a clogged gutter render it useless, but the excess of leaves, twigs, and water can make the gutter sag and result in it pulling away from the fascia. In order to avoid this problem, cleaning the gutters one or twice a year is necessary. Another option would be to install a gutter cover. But be aware that gutter covers can be pricey and regular maintenance is still required.

Other routine checks include looking at the hangers, the fasteners, and the downspouts. The hangers that secure the gutter to the fascia need to be checked in order to prevent a gutter from pulling away from the house. Deterioration over time can affect hangers, and the fasteners might have backed out of the wood, or weight from the gutters could prevent them from being fully supportive.

In order to prevent water damage to the foundation of your home leaks and holes in your gutters need to be taken care of quickly. Also, gutters need to be pitched with the downspouts for the water to drain properly. The downspouts need to extend several feet from the house to avoid dumping water close to the foundation.

Avoid these common mistakes and stop any potential problems. Take the time to care for your gutters by calling Home Mender and putting us to work for you, your house will thank you for it!

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