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Let Home Mender Inc. custom design your fireplace

Fireplace Improvements

Fireplace improvements are a great way to update your living space. Getting rid of an old smoked brick colonial style mantled fireplace is just what the doctor ordered for modernizing your home. If that’s your style, big beautiful mantles can be nice as long as your woodworker knows what they are doing. But dont let your “once handy” grandpa do it in his spare time because chances are, he can’t see quite as well as he used to and he just might lose a finger!

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Home Mender repair concrete walkway

Concrete Walkway

For a home that has a lot of traffic going in and out, a stone or concrete walkway that is cracked or has chipped paint can be an eyesore and can become a tripping hazard if waters gets underneath and loosens the stones. While there are many homes that have brick pebbled or paved passageways, a lot of homes have a simpler walkway made from concrete.

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Fixing Fences

Home Mender Inc’s tips and tricks to home improvement is where you can find new ways to customize your home’s look, repair and maintain your home, and add style to any project.

Today we are talking about fixing fences. Apart from keeping out unwanted pests, such as the neighborhood kids and dogs, fences add a lot to your homes curb appeal. The majority of fences we install are 6ft. privacy fences. Many times this is the finishing touch that is needed to make a house feel like a home. The added privacy allows you to enjoy family time without prying neighbors. Plus, a high privacy fence takes away the worry of having kids play in the yard and allows your family dog added freedom to burn off all that energy usually used to chew carpet.

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Countertop Installation

Dustin Luby, “The Home Mender,” shows us how to install kitchen countertops in this months How-To video. Check it out on our How-To page! In this blog he explains in more detail how to measure for new countertops, complete with diagrams!

When measuring for new laminate countertops, you want to measure wall to wall of those countertops that butt against walls and let counters hang over 1/2” to an inch for those that do not. 

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Creepin it real…when termites attack

You might not hear them. You might not see them. Something is stirring in your house, climbing up the walls, gnawing beneath the surface. Termites.

A homeowner who discovers termite damage will spend an average of $3,000 to repair the damage. There is good reason to be concerned about these little pests. Termites are capable of compromising the strength and safety of an infested structure and homes constructed primarily of wood are not the only structures at risk of termite infestation. Termites are capable of traversing through plaster, metal, siding and more. Once they are inside, termites will then begin to feed on cabinets, floors, ceilings, and wooden furniture. It seems that they will stop at nothing. But don’t panic! There are some things that you can do. Identification of termite infestation is key, as well as preventative measures that can be taken to protect your home. And in case of termite damage, Home Mender is ready to help!

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Gutter Problems. Let Home Mender be the solution!

Gutters are essential in protecting the foundation of your house against water damage. In order for gutters to do their job, they have to be cleaned and free of clogs, leaks, or sags.

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Ceiling Improvements

Last week we improved a homeowners ceiling and quickly learned that updating the ceiling in any room is a worthy improvement.

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Exterior Door

Exterior Doors

Baby, it’s cold inside! With the cold weather coming soon protect your home against the cold by making sure your exterior doors are weather tight.

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Flooring Issues?

Need New Flooring?






Do you have flooring issues?  Consider Home Mender, serving all of Hampton Roads to help you replace your worn out flooring with something new, pretty, and durable.

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